Booty Workkk

Hey Everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend :). Today I woke up with my favorite yellow lab cuddling by my side.

Morning Cuddles

Parker is such a sweetheart! I’m trying my best to fill my meals with veggies and protein, so this morning I enjoyed spinach, tomatoes, olives and yummy scramble eggs. Deeeelllicccious!


Breakfast was thoroughly enjoyed along with lots of coffee….

Then it was off to my basement for a workout. I came home from school just for this weekend, but usually I’d be going to my campus recreation center. Only having to go down a flight of stairs in my own home to workout is pretty awesome. We have a treadmill, bike, and lots of weights.

I started my workout with a 20 minute run on the treadmill to warm up. Lately, Parker has been walking a few laps on the treadmill every day… yes… my dog loves the treadmill! He is such a character… He came down stairs and just pouted at me the whole time as I was hogging the treadmill…

Parker wants a turn on the treadmill


I was sure to give him a turn once I was finished ;).


With the help of Pinterest, today’s circuit workout consisted of some serious booty work. Squats Anyone?! Here’s what it looks like:

Booty work!


I could definitely feel my legs and ASS burning. After the circuit I finished off with 20 more minutes of cardio on the exercise bike, and stretched.

I filled my day with more veggies at lunch time with a crunchy salad and some tasty new yogurt dressing.

IMG_0160 IMG_0161 IMG_0162 Tasteyyyy! The yogurt dressing is creamy, tangy, and low-cal.

Hope you have a fun-filled and fit weekend!

Share with me: Have you ever tried yogurt dressing? What’s your favorite salad recipe to make at home?


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