1000sec workout…for those rainy days

Hi all! I hope the holiday season is treating you well, and the winter isn’t too cold where you are :). Today I headed over to the gym in hopes of enjoying some new tunes and an elliptical workout…. but I only arrived to see that the gym was closed. Although slightly disappointed, I decided that today would be a good day to make a “mix-it-up-at-home” workout. It didn’t fail to get me sweaty!

Let's Move!1000seconds of heart pumping moves


This workout is quick and sweaty for a rainy day, a busy day, if the gym’s closed, or if you just need a fun new workout. Perhaps the best part was this new Beyonce playlist I found on youtube. It’s so empowering!

Beyonce Power!


Believe me, when I got to the gym to see it was closed all I wanted to do was go home, crawl under a fuzzy blanket and sip hot coco… but I feel so much better now and the workout didn’t take long at all! 🙂

So get up and show yourself how strong you are!

You Can Do It You Just Have To Get Up and GO!




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