Summer Tone: 18 Minute Arm-Toning Workout

Summer is a great reminder of the importance of exercising and eating healthy. I mentioned in my last post that for the month of June my plan is to post 18-minute toning workouts for the legs, arms and abs. These workouts are quick and effective, so there’s no excuse for slacking! I’ll also be spicing things up with fun, energizing playlists to make working out even better. When exercising is fun, we love it more and crave it often. Yesterday I posted an 18-minute leg toning workout, and this post is all about today’s arm workout.

Before completing this 18-minute arm toning workout, I ran for 20 minutes with intervals. I would run 2 minutes at an easy to moderate pace, then ran for 30 seconds as fast as I could. I repeated the easy 2 minutes and fast 30 seconds eight times. Here’s what today’s arm workout looked like:

Summer-Tone: Arms!

Today’s playlist helped keep me going strong for my run and arm workout…

Summer Tone Playlist

This music gets me in the summer and workout mood :). Have a nice Tuesday!

We Are What We Repeatedly Do.


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