21st Birthday Weekend :)

The sun is shining, the heat is up and this weekend has been filled with friends, family, good food and even better drinks! Friday was my 21st birthday, so I spent the evening with friends doing what 21-year-olds do best… at a bar. I had to go all the way by wearing a crown and sash that says “Birthday Diva”. 😉

Birthday Celebration :)


Red Velvet Cake!!

Friends at the Bar

Blue Moon

It was a fun night! I certainly didn’t skimp on my drinks that night…. but I also made sure that I didn’t skimp on my workouts. I’ve been running and sweating all weekend, and haven’t missed a workout.

For today’s workout I did a total body toning circuit and ran 3 miles out in the 80 degree heat. That was sure to make me sweat! Here’s what my circuit looked like, which I completed before the 3 mile run:

Repeat this Circuit 3 times

I completed this circuit 3 times. Now it’s off to spend some of my birthday money for some new summer and/or running clothes :). Have a nice Sunday!



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