For the Love of Dogs

Yesterday evening I took a nice walk around my mile-long neighborhood circle. On my way around the circle, I spotted up ahead my dog, Hershey. He was taking his own walk around our neighborhood and I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face after seeing him. For ten years, Hershey has been my running/walking partner. Now he’s 14 years old, and still loves walking around our neighborhood circle.

The Walking Buddy

My two-year-old lab, Parker, has more trouble walking and running around the block due to his hip and ACL issues, but he’s still extremely energized and playful.

The Playful Pup

Parker is the trouble maker, the barker and the hyper young pup. Hershey is the old, wise man- I’m also convinced that he has “selective hearing”, which can be blamed on his old age ;).

The Wise Old Man

Parker has a few extra roles in the family….

The Foot Rest   The foot bath   He thinks he's a human ;)

Overall, they both melt my heart and light up my day :).

He Melts My Heart He Lights Up my Day

And they both have created smiles and laughs in my family’s memories…

Goofball Goofball & Goofball #2 Goofball #2

Sometimes I think I should dedicate my blog to my dogs since I admire them so much :).

Now onto another thing I admire… Circuit workouts! Today’s workout incorporated cardio, legs and arms. Here’s what I did:

48 minute circuit

I had fun sweating with this workout today, because it goes by fast even though it’s 50 minutes long.

Now it’s off to work, and then hanging out with my great dogs ;).

Have a nice Wednesday!

Love My Dogs


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