Burnin’ Rubber- Bike Hill Climb Workout

Hill Climb!

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been loving the “Almond Cheese” I discovered at my local whole foods store. It’s a great cheese alternative for sandwiches, in salads, and melted on tortilla chips with salsa. With 1 gram of fat, 7 grams of protein, 50 calories, and 25% of our daily need of calcium, how could I ever go back to REAL cheese ;). I’m literally obsessed… so today I sliced some mozzarella almond cheese and put it between two slices of gluten free cinnamon raisin bread for lunch. The sandwich would have been good with some jelly or an egg, too!

Almond Cheese Sandwich

Shortly after lunch I completed a hill climb workout on the exercise bike while jamming to a new playlist I put together. It felt good to ride the bike instead of running for today, and the hill climb was a nice challenge. Here’s what my workout and playlist looked like:

Hill Climb  Pump it up!      45 minute Playlist :)

Music is my favorite part of working out- sometimes I just want to dance on the treadmill or bike, haha. I finished up my workout with some 5 minute abs and stretching.

I’m currently working on a fun and sweaty cardio circuit workout for tomorrow so keep in touch :).

Have a great Tuesday Evening!

Stay Active and Healthy Amen!


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