Almond Cheese?!


Hope you’re having a nice Tuesday! I went as fast as I could on my run today to beat the incoming storm. I went around my neighborhood loop a couple of times accompanied by my two labs :).

My Boys!

It has yet to rain, hail or lightening, but the thunder has been rumbling for a couple of hours. After my run I completed this abs and arms workout:

Abs and Arms

Now on to the realllllll good stuff…… the other day at my local Whole Foods shop I was searching for an alternative to cheese. I love making sandwiches and salads with cheese, but need a low-fat, healthier version. Well, I was in luck! Did you know they have Almond Cheese? It’s delicious, has 50 calories per 1oz., 1 gram of fat and 7 grams of protein. That’s much better than regular cheese!

Almond Cheese! Almond Cheese!

I love finding awesome, healthy foods like this :).

Have a great evening!

Be Awesome ;)


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