Legs & Arms Circuit

If you’re an early morning type of person like me, do you ever find yourself starving for lunch at 10am? If so, how do you curb your hunger before the lunch hours come along. I usually wake up around 6-7am, and eat breakfast within the first hour of waking. I’m always so hungry by 10am, which is an awkward time since its past breakfast and too early for lunch. A handful of nuts and a piece of fruit would probably keep my stomach happy before my next meal, but sometimes I just want to wait until 11am (since that’s a lunch-acceptable hour) and just dig into lunch ;).

Speaking of food, this morning began with a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. I don’t know when the last time I had cereal was. The thing that made my bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats so yummy was the Almond Coconut Milk I poured into it :). Delicious!

Almond Coconut Milk  Good Ole Frosted Mini Wheats  Breakfast

A little bit after breakfast I head down to my basement for today’s strength circuit workout. My basement has weights, a bench press, an exercise bike and a treadmill. It’s also filled with posters about wrestling, since my brother is a serious wrestler.

IMG_5796 IMG_5795 IMG_5798

How about that for motivation?  My circuit focussed on legs and arms. Here’s what it looked like:

Legs and Arms Circuit

Now it’s off to babysit and enjoy the nice spring weather! Have a great Friday 🙂


4 thoughts on “Legs & Arms Circuit

  1. That is a dream of mine. When we buy a house I want a basement that I can turn into a gym. No excuses then! I am always starving for lunch early. What I have done is I’ll make a green smoothie for first breakfast right after my workout. By the time I make it to work I am hungry again so I have second breakfast around 9/9:30. That still only holds me over until 11/11:30 but that is an acceptable time to eat lunch. My second breakfast these days is old fashioned oats with a little milk and raisins. It does the trick for now.

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