30 Minute Burnnnn!

Good afternoon folks! I just finished today’s cardio & strength circuit workout. I wanted a speedy workout today to get me toned up and sweaty, so I put together a 30 minute circuit to get the job done. The workout incorporates 3 sets of a 5 minute run and a 5 minute strength circuit. Here’s what my workout looked like:

30 minute burn!


My mom joined me for this workout today which made it much more fun! After completing 3 sets of the workout we cooled down by walking for 10 minutes before heading into some ab work. I worked my abs with a 5 minute ab circuit, 2x 30 second side planks, and “tenders“. Woohooo :D. It was definitely a very accomplished workout today.

My sandwich-eating-roll continued today at lunch. After work I added roasted red pepper hummus, sweet sliced onions, albacore tuna, and sliced provolone cheese between two slices of whole wheat bread. Cherry tomatoes and a few cheez-its accompanied the sandwich. A hearty lunch always keeps me fueled for afternoon workouts.

Sandwich time


It’s been too cloudy and cold outside lately. If you have some sunshine in your area, send it my way!

Have a wonderful Wednesday :). Keep it positive!




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