Summer Workouts

Hey Guys! Hope you’re start to the week has been a good one! Today I set up a ladder circuit workout for my Mom, Sister in Law (Alex) and I. Each set included a bulk of cardio followed by total body toning moves. It was fun to workout together and mix things up with a circuit :).

Super Sweaty Circuit



The three of us are planning on working out together throughout the summer. I’ll be creating fun, sweaty circuits like this one for us to do. I’m excited to have workout buddies and a flexible fitness plan to stick to for the summer.

Today was the first Monday of the summer for me! This is most definitely my favorite time of the year. There are plenty of outdoor concerts to attend, family cook outs, and campfires. Here’s a silly shot from last summer of my family at a James Taylor concert (My fave!).

Summer time!


From the left is my mom, dad, younger brother (Josh), older brother (Justin- being held by us haha), and me ;). I plan on sharing lots of pictures of food, family, workouts, and summer fun… so keep in touch!

What’s your favorite part about summer, or best summer memory? 

Summer '13



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