Cardio & Strength Circuit

Happy Friday folks! It feels so great to be moved out of my apartment and back home :). I was exhausted after moving everything out yesterday. Lifting heavy boxes up and down stairs is a workout in itself! Thank goodness that’s over.

I’m feeling sorry for my poor yellow lab, Parker. He has a torn ACL :(. He limps around the house, can’t go with me on walks/runs, and can only go outside if he’s assisted on a leash. His injury is going to cost lots of mula $$$$$$$.  I woke up last night to Parker’s head resting on my bed and him whining for me to help him up. He would usually leap up by himself, but with his ACL he can’t do much. Ugh, he just melts my heart and I hate to see him in pain!!!

Parker Gangster Parker Parker Chillin

He still wants to run around the yard and play. Hopefully he’ll be able to heal quickly and get back to his old self.

Today was my first day home for the summer. I love being back in my neighborhood and having a nice yard with a porch! Living in my apartment for the school year was awesome, but not having a yard and a porch is definitely something I missed. It was also awesome just to go to the basement for my workout today. I used our exercise bike and made a cardio/strength circuit for my workout. Here’s what the workout looked like:

cardio strength circuit workout

Do 3 sets of 15-20 reps for each strength exercise. I love mixing up cardio with strength exercises. It breaks the workout up and makes it more fun! The 5 minute ab circuit is from one of my earlier posts.

I hope you all have a great Friday! Time to relax and have some fun :D.



One thought on “Cardio & Strength Circuit

  1. How far away from home are you when you are at school? I was a commuter in college and lived at home so I didn’t do the whole apartment or dorm thing.

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