Time for Summer

I’m currently exhausted from packing up my apartment. My family’s coming up tomorrow to help me move out and move back home for the summer. Today was one of those days when I haven’t stopped since I woke up! I finally have the chance now to sit down, and my legs are incredibly thankful.

I feel like I’ve been cleaning and packing and cleaning and packing…. but getting no where. I’ve been filling all of the boxes and bags possible with my belongings, scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen, and everything seems unorganized. Do you have any good moving out and organization strategies? If so, please share I could definitely use some tips! I’m anxiously awaiting the moment when everything’s out of the apartment and I’m organized back at home.

Moving Out! Moving Out!Moving Out!

On a more positive note, I had a great workout this morning :D. I completed a 30 minute workout on the arc trainer to do some stair climbing. It only took 30 minutes for me to be covered in sweat and feeling the workout.

Arc Trainer Workout    Repeat minutes 0-15 one time 🙂

After the gym I got cleaned up, did some last minute studying and took my last final for my Junior year in college. I’m officially a Senior!

Well, I am pooped. If I haven’t mentioned it before, my apartment is right above an amazing burrito place. I think my night will include one last burrito of the semester, a funny movie and a good night sleep :).

YUM! How good does that look?!

Have a great night!

You're outstanding!


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