Cinco de Mayo Weekend Fun

My Cinco de Mayo began at 6am cuddling with two sweet, loving labs, Hershey & Parker. I can’t imagine my life without having dogs :).

Hershey                    What a Cutie

Then it was off for a beautiful morning walk around my neighborhood loop. Each loop is about a mile long so my dogs and I enjoyed 3 loops filled with flowers, sunshine and spring air. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Spring always brings so much positive energy.

Beautiful Spring

My neighborhood block has two decent hills that are about 1/4 mile long, which definitely got my heart pumping. Once my walk was over, I headed inside to find my mom cutting lemons, oranges and limes for sangria. Mmmm the perfect Spring/Summer drink ;)! I decided to get into the celebratory spirit by whipping up some chocolate chip cookies. Sangria and cookies for lunch anyone? Not the healthiest of days….

Sangria!                                             Cookiessss!!!

We counter-acted the unhealthy activities by planting kale, garden beans, summer squash and lettuce for our garden. Parker supervised the planting and kept trying to eat the soil (he’s quite the dog). Planting made me so excited to make salads and grilled veggies this summer!

planting some greens planting veggies! My garden helper!

Once all of the veggies were re-potted, the hammock in my backyard called my name. So I brought some sangria along with some cookies and spent the rest of the day relaxing :).

Hammock Time Yep I could get used to this….   Hammock livin'

How did you spend your weekend?


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