National Salad Month

Did you know that May is National Salad Month? Salad is one of my favorite ways to compose a meal, because  almost anything can be added to them. I love experimenting with ingredients like fruits, vegetables, nuts and vinegars. In honor of National Salad Month I made a yummy salad for lunch today. I started with a couple handfuls of spinach, mixed in some tomatoes, onions and green peppers and added a few ounces of tuna. I topped it off with apple cider vinegar and cracked pepper.

Salad! Mmmmmm…

Nothing is more satisfying than the different flavors of fresh veggies, and the juicy crunch of each bite. Another salad recipe I love is one with spinach, onions, broccoli, purple grapes, walnuts, tuna and balsamic vinegar. All of this salad talk is making me want another one!

National Salad month isn’t just about the green salads you’d find at lunch and dinner. It’s also about fruit salads and dessert salads. For some reason fresh fruit salads and garden salads makes me think of summer cook-outs and celebrations. ‘Tis the season!

Do you have a favorite salad recipe? Have you ever made a dessert salad?

salad month


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