In the “Speed” of Things

Hey guys! Hope everyone is healthy and staying active! I’ve been getting myself used to more outdoor running and it feels great. I’m planning on running a half marathon memorial day weekend, which also happens to be my birthday weekend. How about that for a birthday present to myself?!

Fire on the Track

A track workout called my name this morning. Oooph, speed workouts during track season were always my least favorite, but they’re definitely necessary to train our muscles to become faster and fitter. I began with a mile warmup and stretched out good, then went right into this bad boy:

Speedy Track Workout:

3×400 meters at 5k race pace

2×200 meters, slightly quicker than 5k race pace

2×100 meters, all out

I took 200-400 meters of jogging between intervals. This workout got me back in the “speed” of things, and set a great pace for the day!

The next highlight of today is lunch :). I whipped up some Spring Salad Mix with Herbs, onions, carrots, tomatoes, tuna, cracked pepper, and balsamic vinegar. There’s nothing tastier and fresher than this I tell ya ;).

Yummy Lunch!


Running and veggies have been treating me realllllll well lately. The only thing I have to ask for is more warm, sunny weather! Who else wants summer?!

You CAN.


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