Push it


The first day of March is here and it has been full of energy, healthy foods, and fit-livin’ :). This morning began at 5am with a fresh batch of Overnight Oats. I made them with almond milk, ground flax, cinnamon and blueberries. The perfect pre-workout meal!

Overnight Oats!


I spent an hour of my morning studying up for a kinesiology exam, then headed to the campus rec center for 6:30am kickboxing. What a fun way to get a sweat in! My legs, arms and abs felt a serious burn this morning, and I learned some fun, new moves. I’m always so productive early in the morning, then when 6pm hits I’m like “is it time for bed yet?!”. 😛




This afternoon I’ll be lacing up my running shoes and heading outside with this a new workout playlist I put together. (I’m a sucker for techno dance music).

Techno Dance Playlist

One thing that keeps me energized and satisfied throughout the day is eating every 3 hrs and moving around frequently. Doing 100 jumping jacks will almost always get me more energized than just chugging another cup of coffee. So keep moving and don’t be afraid to keep eating too. You’re body needs to be put to work and fueled!



Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Push it

  1. Great idea doing jumping jacks to re-energize instead of downing coffee. I’ll have to try this! I love kick boxing class. I’m hoping to join a gym soon enough and I can’t wait to get back into attending classes. Such a great workout and fun!

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