Back to Business- Monday!

don't give up!

Whatever reason you have to give up today… get rid of it! Your goals and your happiness should come first (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else). Sticking to the commitments you make for yourself will allow you to stick to the commitments you make to others. On that note… today I got myself to the gym despite being tired from a fun-filled weekend and the Super Bowl!

This weekend I headed home with my boyfriend, Mitch, to enjoy his birthday weekend and see my family. We had a great time at the movies, my brother’s concert, his birthday dinner and hanging out with our silly dogs :).

riding home!Me and Mitch!My Brother's Show

Silly Dog!       Crazy Dogs!         Jolie!

There was also some amazing pizza, cookies, Chinese food, and cocktails involved (whoops… ;)). But today it was back on track with my healthy meals and workouts!

For today’s workout I completed 30 minutes on the elliptical, and jumped right into that Do-Anywhere-Workout  I discovered from FitSugar. The gym was uncomfortably crowded today so I was happy to head to my apartment and complete the circuit workout. It’s such a great circuit!

It’s going to be an awesome, fit week ahead so stay tuned for some strength workouts and cardio sessions. I’ve got my Quest Bars, egg whites, veggies, whey protein and ambition :P. Who’s with me?!



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