Double Workout Wednesday!

Hey guys! My day has been pretty awesome and it just got better with a yummy stir-fry dinner 🙂 . This afternoon I took a little coffee break before heading out for a run around campus.

coffee addict       cardio addict

I put in my headphones and let the music set my strides. The run took about 35 minutes and ended on a BIG hill (love hills). After that I completed the total body toning workout from Fitness Magazine. It’s one of my favorite strength circuits, and I’m definitely going to keep doing it!

After a double workout seshh I was pretty hungry around dinner time and whipped up a shrimp stir fry. I added garlic, shrimp, broccoli, onions, and topped it over gluten-free penne. Just what I needed! Quick, healthy and delicious :).

Penne & Shrimp Stirfry


Hope you all had a great Wednesday, the weekend is approaching!

Fit For Life!


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