Sunday Funday :)

Today I clung to the covers for a while longer, sipped on an extra cup of coffee, and enjoyed the sunny morning. It felt great to wake up and relax for a few hours before heading to the gym.

Sunday Sleepin' !


After relaxing for a while, I started to get excited for the gym with some throwback Evanescence and Eminem songs. Rock and rap music always get me pumped to workout 😛 !  I laced up my shoes, plugged in the headphones and ran over to the gym. The sun really warmed things up today, and it was great not to feel the bite of the cold air.

Sun's Out Guns Out  (selfie sunday?)


My workout today consisted of 40 minutes on the elliptical with varying incline and resistance levels. Changing the resistance and incline frequently on the elliptical brings a challenge and allows for some short resting breaks. After sweating it out I fit in a core workout that I learned during high school cross country. Some planks were added in after repeating the “Tenders”!

Abs! Elliptical!


Some homework, rest and relaxation filled up the rest of my sunday :). Who’s ready for the week?!



7 thoughts on “Sunday Funday :)

  1. I like changing the speeds on the elliptical too. It helps a lot with muscles and digestive — a little something I learned from my trainer. Are you on twitter?

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