Squat Jump Sandwich

Happy Monday everyone! Its about 10am and I’m sippin’ on a little mid-morning love ;).

skinny latte!Lovin' My Coffee!

This morning began at 5am with a steamy cup of hazelnut coffee. I always put almond milk and loads of cinnamon in my coffee- sooooo good! As long as I sip on some morning java and listen to my workout jams, I’m psyched and ready for the gym. It was a bit warmer this morning and I was running to the gym by 5:45am. Today’s workout took place on the Cybex Arc Trainer and the Precor Elliptical. I tell ya, you put that Arc Trainer on the “climber” incline setting and the sweat doesn’t stop! By the time I was finished with my cardio sesh, I had enough time to stretch and clean up before my 8am class. A quick breakfast sandwich from the school cafe satisfied my morning hunger. Mmmmm delicious!

Breakfast Sandwich

Later on today I’m going to spice up my day with a little Squat Jump Sandwich circuit that I put together. Squat Jumps are one of my fave cardio strength moves- they never fail to get my heart pumpin’ :P. Here’s the circuit!

Squat Jump Sandwich

Hope you all are starting you’re week in a healthy way!

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