TGIF, Recap of the Week!

Happy Friday everyone! Ahhh I love weekends and I’m very excited just to relax 🙂 . It’s been colder than cold for the past week, and I think it’s time to get cozy and watch movies. This morning I sweat it out on the elliptical for 40 minutes, then tried a Drop Anywhere and Do circuit from FitSugar. This total body circuit takes about 18 minutes, which was just what I needed today. I’ll definitely be doing it again!

Pick Stitch!

I only have one class at 8am on Fridays so I am pretty psyched. I get the entire day to chill, do homework… maybe workout some more ;).  I came home to a very nice surprise… from ehhem…. a secret admirer who’s name only I know… 🙂


…Yep, I am a pretty happy, lucky girl at the moment.

But enough of that and back to fitness.

The plan for Monday-Sunday is as follows:

Monday: 40 min. cardio + a total body circuit

Tuesday: 60 min. cardio + abs

Wednesday: 40 minutes cardio + a total body circuit

Thursday: 60 min. cardio + abs

Friday: 40 minutes. cardio + total body circuit

Sat/Sun: rest one of the days, do 60 minutes cardio for the other.

Monday, wednesday, friday are my shorter school days which leaves more time for strength circuits. I haven’t really been doing an hour of cardio lately, but want to build up to it. Looks like a decent plan, eh?

Making fitness plans and goals help to structure my workouts. I’ve heard that when sticking to a fitness plan, it’s good to make a change every two weeks. This helps to improve fitness levels and mix things up. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll add in some more interval workouts or something like that.

Do you use a specific workout plan? What plans work best for you?


Even on these super-cold, dark mornings I’ve gotten my ass butt to the gym by 6am. Yea I’ve thought about staying in bed (especially on this freezing friday!), but I resisted the urge to cuddle with my warm blankets, decided to lace up my shoes and did work at the rec center. I have to say, resisting the urge to be a lazy bum feels AWESOME.

Have a great weekend :).


6 thoughts on “TGIF, Recap of the Week!

  1. Nice pics! I love just getting to have a chill weekend. I am excited to do absolutely nothing this weekend, but workout and watch movies and hang with family 🙂 Have a good weekend!

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