I Live For This.

Today it was another dark, snowy, frigid walk to the gym, but I was prepared for it with lots of layers! My morning workout consisted of fasted cardio and lots of stretching. I’m committing myself to more stretching this semester since I usually slack in that area 😛 .

It’s only 10:40am now and I feel like it’s 2pm! Guess that’s what we all get for waking up before 5am, hehe 😀 . After my classes and buying some school supplies I’m going to complete a total body strength circuit for my afternoon workout. I’m seriously loving these double workout sessions. My goal is to keep it up for the semester, as long as I keep getting enough sleep (thank God for melatonin supplements).

Today's Workouts!

I’ll sign off with a couple of quotes I saw today and fell in love with!

Overcome Life's Battles Decide to Be Happy :)

Life is about deciding to be happy with what we’ve got, and overcoming the fear of doing what we think we can’t.


4 thoughts on “I Live For This.

  1. You go girl- 2 worksouts in a day is something to smile about. You’ve got a great attitude too. I like that your first sentence starts one way but ends with optimism! Gosh I must be missing college over here dissecting sentences. 😉

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