Back to the Zoo :p

Well, winter break is over and I’m back at my good ole apartment preparing for Junior year semester #2 ! Yesterday morning I woke up to Parker laying on my lap and I miss him already!! I was definitely ready to come back to school though, and can’t wait to reunite with the campus rec center 🙂 .

Parker <3


Last night I was welcomed back to school and had a great night at my best friend, Carly’s, 21st birthday party (oh boyyy…). It was a fun night!

new necklace!


I’m preparing myself for the week by taking today to cook some meals for the week. I whipped up some quinoa, extra lean ground turkey, chicken breast, and have a fridge full of fruits and veggies. Ahhhh a fridge full of clean foods makes me so happy. 😀

A Full Healthy Fridge!

For breakfast I made an omelet with 1 egg, 1/4 cup egg whites, lots of spinach and some red quinoa. Yum!



This is the first time I’ve tried red quinoa, and it was delish! Now it’s time to organize my apartment and hit up the gym. I’ll leave ya with some monday motivation 🙂


Have a great Monday. Happy Martin Luther King Day!


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