Mission anti-gluten/soy/dairy/sugar

Hey everyone! Happy tuesday, hope your week has been filled with good health and positivity so far 🙂 . In some of my posts over the fall I mentioned my food sensitivities. Well, over winter break it’s been hard to me to stick to not eating the things that my body doesn’t respond well to. This includes gluten, dairy and soy. Today I’m going all in and cutting those three things out of my diet for good. I know I’ll feel better physically and mentally if I finally detox my body from these things. Along with gluten, soy and dairy, my goal is to cut sugar out of my diet also. Sugar is one of the biggest culprits contributing to bad-health and illnesses. To start off my day, I made a yummy breakfast with quinoa, eggs, and spinach. I also put almond milk in my coffee topped with some cinnamon. Yummm! 🙂

Eggs, Quinoa, Veggies!


Can’t wait to keep up the elimination diet and feel good as new!




7 thoughts on “Mission anti-gluten/soy/dairy/sugar

  1. Yumm!! That looks good! 🙂 Sugar is definitely a culprit, I would try a sugar-free challenge, but it seems like it would be difficult seeing sugar is in almost everything like protein drinks and such and I need the protein to workout. I just wonder what you could replace with it, you know?

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