Liebster Blog Nomination :D

Big thanks to Jon from for the Liebster Blog Nomination! I started my blog in the Fall of 2012 and have been loving blogging ever since! It really keeps me motivated and gives me a chance to share my passion for fitness and nutrition with others. I hope to continue blogging for a longggggg time and want to keep getting better at it :D.


Here are the rules to the Liebster Blog Award:

Add the award icon into your blog
Link to your nominator and say thank you.
Post 11 random things about yourself.
Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
Nominate 11 bloggers (and let them know).
Post 11 new questions to the bloggers you nominate.

11 Random Things About Me:

1: I usually wake up before everyone in my house- you can never be “too much” of a morning person 😉

2: One of my favorite bands is “The Sleeping”, but I’m really bad at choosing favorites!

3. I think Jason Segel is AWESOME.

4. Almost all of my pets have been named after food. We named a dog “Hershey”, a cat “Snickers”, a bunny “oreo” and a fish “sushi”.

5. Scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve made like 6.

6. I could stay on the elliptical all day.

7: My ultimate favorite running song is “Boom” by P.O.D. I listen to it at least once during every workout.

8: I broke my high school’s Cross Country record with a 5k time of 19:45

9: I’d rather run 13 miles than sprint 100 meters 🙂

10: My idol is Nicole Wilkins, I think she’s absolutely amazing and so inspiring!

11: My favorite quote today: “Decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it”.

My 11 answers:

1. What kind of cell phone do you have? iPhone 4
2. If you could buy any car, what would it be? A Black Range Rover Sport or a Jeep Liberty
3. Dream vacation spot? Anywhere with a Beach, sunshine, tiki bar, and (obviously) a gym 😉
4. In your opinion whats the best post you ever wrote. I’m so bad at deciding, but I like this one since I wrote about nutrition and have a motivating quote at the end 🙂 Preaching Veggies

5. Middle Name? Ashley
6. Favorite Season? Nothing compares to the Fall- Cross Country running, foliage and fall festivities!
7. Reese’s Cups or Milky Way? REESE’S!!!!!!
8. Favorite Sports Supplement, if any. I haven’t gotten big into supplements, but maybe one day…
9. Favorite Fruit? Red Delicious Apples
10. Cheat meal or cheat day!? Buffalo Chicken!!
11. Favorite Song?? Boom by P.O.D 😛

My 11 Questions:

1. What would your “perfect day” look like?

2. Favorite way to workout?

3. Nick Name?

4. Favorite movie?

5. Any hidden talents?

6. Favorite running/athletic shoe brand?

7. Where’s your dream place to live?

8. Where’s the farthest place you’ve traveled?

9. Favorite hobbies besides working out, blogging and being awesome?

10. Would you rather have more time or money?

11. Favorite type of music/band?

My 11 nominees:


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