Weekend Road Trip

This weekend my two best friends and I made a trip up to my apartment at Umass. We’ve been in our hometown for winter break and decided to take a little weekend trip so they could check out my school and experience “the zoo” ;). It was a great weekend! We had fun with fake mustaches and dressed up for a night out. Here’s a taste of our first night:


mustachesmustache mugs

I’ve had those mustaches lying around all semester, just waiting to be used!

On our second night we made a homemade pizza before enjoying a scorpion bowl at Panda East. The pizza was a big hit, and we got a great fortune from Panda.

homemade pizzascorpion bowl!

That’s just the fortune we needed before heading off to the Umass vs. Providence hockey game.  My friend Lyssa goes to Providence and wore her Providence hat even though we were sitting in the Umass Student section, haha :D.

hockey game      Eat well, drink well, do good

I thought that Odwalla sign was great! 🙂 It’s been an awesome weekend. I really missed my apartment for the past month. Hope you are all having a fun, relaxing weekend also :). “Eat Well. Drink Well. Do Good”.


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