Workout Planning

It’s another Monday. Some of us may be dragging a bit today and some of us might be PUMPED UP for this week’s workouts. But no matter how you’re feeling, here’s some Monday Motivation to raise your attitude and keep it up 🙂 .

Never Give Up!

This morning I decided to take my two labs for a walk, as an active rest morning routine. My body really needs the day off from running so I’m just taking it easy! We walked the 1 mile loop around my neighborhood block before heading off to work. This afternoon I also get to walk my neighbor’s dog, Tracer, around our block. Sometimes on our walk, Tracer’s paws get so cold and he lifts one up so that I can warm it up in my glove. It’s so cute! No one wants frozen paws 😉



You might as well call me the “neighborhood dog walker”, because sometimes I have as many as 6 dogs following me around the neighborhood! I have yet to snap a photo of it, but I hope to soon.

As I take today as an active rest, I’m also contemplating how to structure my workouts for the rest of the week. My goal is to incorporate strength and cardio each day, and this is what I came up with:

The following arm and leg circuits will be included in my routine:



My plan is to do arms every other day and legs on the other days, along with at least 30 minutes of cardio. Sometimes I enjoy completing strength routines before cardio, but other times I’m just too excited to run and have to do it first. I’ve heard a few different perspectives about whether to complete strength before cardio, but I’m not sure which is more effective. Do you get your strength routine done before doing cardio or the other way around?



2 thoughts on “Workout Planning

  1. I have always done my weight training prior to cardio and a lot of exercise readings say that if you perform cardio before weight training you will have less energy to expand in your weights. In my opinion though, its all in the mind of the individual. If you mentally have it in your head that you can run and then perform just as well strength training, you’ll knock it out no problem. I think people look into the science way to much and common trends then actually experimenting for themselves. Good luck with your weeks workouts! 🙂

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