Ankle Support for Running

My Saturday night was spent doing a “Spa Night” while babysitting my 3 little cousins. They’re so cute and had everything set up before I got there. We put on our fuzzy bathrobes, did facials for each other and painted nails 😉 .

Spa Night ;) Spa NightSpa Night

Spa Night


How adorable! I wouldn’t have spent my night any other way 🙂 . To start off my Sunday I went on a 4.5 mile run on the hilly, dirt roads of my town. I went a little slower than normal to begin, but picked up the pace by the end. The run ended on a big hill going up to my house and I tried to pick up the pace during the climb. What a great way to begin the day! For the past couple of runs I’ve had some problems with my right ankle. I favor my right leg during exercise which is why it’s my bad leg with all of the injuries. I try my best to focus on using my left leg more, but it’s difficult. So today I remembered a little trick from Cross Country Camp to give more ankle support, and it ended up helping my ankle a ton.

Ankle SupportAnkle SupportAnkle Support


Ankle SupportAnkle Support


This is such a simple way to add extra support to your ankles, and definitely made my run better today. Even if your free from ankle trouble, this is a good way to add extra support and prevent injury. Hope the pictures help!

Overcome Your Obstacles! Never Give Up.

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday 🙂


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