It’s a Stretch to Stretch

Hey guys! Hope you are all having a great  first Thursday of 2013 ;). My day began with a brief but sweaty interval workout on the exercise bike (morning workout #3 for 2013!). Although I love the gym atmosphere, I’m so lucky to just be able to walk down to my basement for my morning workouts. We have a bike, treadmill, and lots of weights. The only thing I wish we had is an elliptical, because God knows I could just live on one of those! I’m not even a big fan of stationary bikes, but it helps me mix up my running routine without paying for a gym membership while I’m home from school.

For my interval workout my goal was to keep my rpm between 90-100 at all times, and I varied the resistance. For sprints I would increase the resistance to a moderate hill, trying to keep my rpms the same as when there was less resistance. The resistance on the bike I used went up to 15.  Here’s what my workout looked like:

Bike Workout


My legs were SO tight and sore today, which reminded me that I need to include more stretching in my workout. Sometimes after working out I just don’t have the patience to stretch as much as I should. I love the feeling of stretching, but getting me to do it is the hard part. How lame of me! I swear I’m making myself a promise to spend more time stretching after each workout.

My yummy breakfast today included egg whites, peppers, onions and a delicious sliced orange. I could eat egg whites for every meal and be happy haha 🙂 .

Egg Whites




Hope your 2013 has been filled with good health and positivity so far!

I’ll finish up today’s post with one of my favorite motivational pictures from IFBB Figure Olympia Nicole Wilkins:

Never Give Up


6 thoughts on “It’s a Stretch to Stretch

  1. Ah so jealous that you have a home gym! I so often think how much easier it would be if I didn’t have to go outside in the cold to get to my gym. Oh, and I would love to have an elliptical too! I think I would watch tv on it for hours haha 🙂

  2. Nice post. I have recently bought a turbo trainer so that I can train on my road bike but indoors. I keep it in the basement and it has made a huge difference to how much cycling I do in the winter. I wouldn’t be without it!

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