Core + Cardio Circuit

I planned on waking up at 6am this morning, but ended up sleeping until 7:30am. My alarm kept going off, but I definitely needed extra sleep. I guess my New Years Eve festivities really did a number on me… ehhem… the hangover I’m trying to pretend never happened 😛 (but that’s enough on that subject)… On a positive note, for this morning’s workout I focused on abs and cardio. My workout began with a 10 minute hill climb on the stationary bike to get my legs warmed up for a fairly intense circuit workout. Here’s what I did:

Core + Cardio Circuit

For “quick feet” in the Set 2, you get into a sumo squat as low as you can go, then shuffle your feet as quick as you can. Try to stay low, hold your core in tightly, and stay in the same place on the floor (not moving forward or backward). This one is pretty challenging for me! The ab circuit felt great and the cardio moves challenged me. I ended my workout with another 10 minute hill climb on the bike, and stretched out my super-tight and sore legs. This makes morning workout #2/365, ohhh yeahhhh 😀 let’s do this.

I whipped up a clean and tasty breakfast before heading off to work. Breakfast was seasoned egg whites, broccoli, and sliced apple with cinnamon. Yummm! I always feel great when I start my day off with veggies.

Eat Clean Breakfast

I headed off to work for a few hours with my mom- she cleans houses which provides me with a summer and winter job (she pays me well too 😉 ). Cleaning houses is a workout in itself I tell ya! Once we got back from work I heated up some Turkey Chili that my mom made the other day, with a side of carrot sticks. Balanced meals make me SO HAPPY 😀 (haha fitness nerd over here).

Turkey chili

Now I’m ready for a nap, however I need to study for my up-coming Anatomy exam. Guess that means time for coffee! And some motivation:


What are you up to on the 2nd day of 2013?


6 thoughts on “Core + Cardio Circuit

  1. You go girl on your fitness track for 2013! I need to get on board this evening! Oh, and cleaning house is most definitely a workout. The first time I cleaned my apartment, I was surprised at how much you work your back! Happy New Year!

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