12 Round Challenge!

This morning I took up a challenge given to me by fit blogger Owen who blogs on Voxifit. This workout definitely motivated me and although it was challenging, it was fun! Here’s the workout Owen gave me:

12 round challenge!


After warming up on the treadmill for about 20 minutes, I completed 4 rounds of the challenge at a decent pace. The first 4 rounds took me 10 minutes even. I took a 1 minute break to get some water, then headed into the next 4 rounds, trying to beat my time. The next 4 rounds took 9 minutes! I slashed my time by a whole minute, just by doing the moves a bit quicker. My legs started getting pretty tired after this round. I gave myself another minute break and headed into the last 4 rounds. I was successful in beating my time of 9 minutes, and complete my final 4 rounds in 8 minutes 30 seconds. Woohoo! It felt great to give myself the goal of beating my own times, and the workout showed me that I can be stronger than I think. The main thing to keep in mind when doing quicker reps during circuits is form. Often times, when we try to do quicker squats or burpees it leaves us with sloppy, inefficient form which can cause injury. While trying to decrease my times, I focussed on my form as well as moving quicker. Keeping a stable ground through your feet, holding the core in tightly, and keeping the back straight are good focussing points. After the challenge I cooled down by walking on the treadmill and stretched my legs out good. Next time, I’m going to cut down my resting time and try to beat my time of 28 minutes 30 seconds. I have a feeling I’ll be a little bit sore tomorrow! Thanks Owen!

For breakfast I made some scramble egg whites, chicken sausage, broccoli and half of a toasted bagel. Ahhh, I love breakfast and it’s usually my biggest meal of the day 🙂 .



I love sharing workouts! Please comment if you have any challenges for me to try :D.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, be safe!

Happy New Year!


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