The More I Move, The Better I Feel!

Before I begin with today, I’m going to backtrack to yesterday’s interesting, but delicious lunch. Nothing gets me more excited than bagels… bring me a Panera Bread cinnamon chip bagel and I’ll instantly love you (no, but really). I don’t eat them often, but when I do I enjoy every bite! So for lunch yesterday I dug into the bagels my dad came home with, which I had been waiting anxiously to devour. I made a breakfast sandwich with a toasted onion bagel, swiss cheese, 1 egg and strawberry jelly. It sounds weird to have jelly on an egg sandwich, but when I first tried the combination I was instantly hooked. I added some spring mix to fill up my plate, and enjoyed 🙂 .

Egg Sandwich Lunch! Egg, Swiss, and Jelly on a bagel!


For my workout today I completed a 35 minute walking hill workout on the treadmill, then hopped on the bike for a 15 minute hill workout to finish it up. My goal was to do 50 minutes of cardio this morning, and it felt great!

35 min. walking hills


After my workout I was happy to see my mom cooking chocolate chip pancakes and eggs for breakfast. I was hungry and enjoyed every bite 😀 . The mug that says “Ray” was my great-uncle’s, I think it’s pretty cool to have.

breakfast! Pancakes and Eggs :)


My morning finished off with a long walk with my mom and our wonderful labs. Walking outside was great. I haven’t walked or run outside all week (I’ve been stuck to the treadmill), but getting a dose of fresh air felt awesome. I definitely find that the more I move during the day, the better I feel. Sitting around all day makes me feel stiff, unproductive and I even have a bigger appetite when I don’t exercise. On that note, this afternoon we are heading up to the ice skating rink so that I can fall on my butt a million times 😉 .

Here’s my mom and I in our white hats this morning 😀 CHEESE!

Walking with mom!


Have a great, healthy, happy weekend! Share your New Year’s Resolutions with me, I’d love to hear them.

To exercise or not to exercise...



2 thoughts on “The More I Move, The Better I Feel!

  1. Both meals look delicious! I recently figured out how to make bagels and English muffins from scratch, which makes for some awesome breakfast sandwiches!

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