Lucky 7 Circuit Workout

For today’s workout I completed a no nonsense circuit that left my legs burning and my heart pumpin’ ! I love circuits because they mix up the old cardio routine and surprise my body with challenging moves. Here’s what my workout looked like:


Lucky 7 Workout



Now I’m ready to cuddle with my favorite yellow lab and watch the snow fall!

Just look at this adorable face…. 🙂



Have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Lucky 7 Circuit Workout

  1. Nice workout:)…and CUTE pup!!!….Here is one for you; Complete 12 rounds of the following for time: 12 Bodyweight Squats, 12 Pushups, 12 Alt Lunges each side, 12 Burpee Thrusts, Repeat until you complete 12 rounds, record your time and try beat it next time….Looks easy, right?….give it try and let me know:)…Owen

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