Morning Workouts, Before or After Breakfast?

Throughout high school, I loved waking up early in the morning to go for a wake-up jog before school or an easy bike ride on the stationary bike. Even if I had cross country or track practice that afternoon, I felt so good about waking up to the crisp morning air and getting my body moving before my mind was awake. I used to run around my neighborhood block and sometimes I would see my neighbor out walking. She would always say “this is the best time of day isn’t it?!”. I am such a morning person, and I’m sure most of you fitness-lovers out there are too. I didn’t always workout in the mornings tho, maybe a few times a week and I would get in and out of the habit. Up until sophomore year in college, I usually worked out in the afternoons. During my sophomore year, my academic schedule became busier and I found that working out in the morning was easier than in the evening when I was tired. It also set a great pace for my day. I became addicted to morning workouts, and wasn’t satisfied unless I woke up and worked out. So here’s the question I’m getting at- is it better to complete a morning workout on an empty stomach or after a light meal? I used to always have to eat something before I woke up, but I have recently found a preference for working out before breakfast on an empty stomach. I’ll have some coffee before heading to the gym and then cook breakfast when I get back. Cardio on an empty stomach used to sound like hell to me, but now I think it feels cleansing and I enjoy my breakfast a lot more when I get home 🙂 . I’ve read many different takes on exercising before or after breakfast and overall I think it depends on the individual. Some people may be affected more by working out on an empty stomach than others, and might become dizzy or feel ill. One of the most recent articles I’ve read about this subject was on the livestrong website. It states that you burn more fat working out on an empty stomach in the morning. A good morning workout will consist of a 5 minute warmup, 15-20 minutes of resistance/weight training, and then 20-60 minutes of cardio. Then you should eat breakfast within an hour after working out. That sounds good to me!


Mmmmm.. now that looks like a breakfast I could workout for… 😉

Have a wonderful Thursday 😀 !


2 thoughts on “Morning Workouts, Before or After Breakfast?

  1. I agree. Breakfast does taste great after a workout. I run super early in the morning and I don’t take the time to eat before heading out. I like to think it burns extra fat since there is nothing in my stomach at that point. I am not sure if that is true or not but I will pretend that it is.

  2. That breakfast looks great, especially after a hard workout! I prefer eating after my workouts but sometimes, I’ll have a spoon full of peanut butter before hitting the gym just to wake me up a bit and to curb my appetite if I wake up hungry. Also, I never seem to have enough time to let my breakfast digest before hitting the gym.

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