All Legs Circuit. Wanna Feel the Burn?

Happy Monday everyone! Besides doing some kick-butt workouts and eating clean πŸ˜› , this week my face will be in my Nutrition, Chemistry and Anthropology books as I prep for finals (…week from hell). I’m planning on spending my mornings working out and the rest of the day studying, studying and studying…woopdeedoo! This morning began with scramble egg whites and spinach along with two rice cakes with low-sugar jelly. Just what I needed to begin my day, and of course there was coffee too ;). As my workout today I focussed on legs, my heart was pumpin’ and my legs were burnin’! It’s a shame because I haven’t been able to run since my achilles keeps giving me trouble, and I was really loving my outdoor runs during the fall- thank God for the elliptical!

Here’s the workout I completed today:

All Legs Circuit


I held 15 lb dumbbells for the squats , 10lb dumbbells for the lunges & sumo squats. At first I didn’t think the 30 sec. rest was a big deal, but by the 3rd circuit I definitely needed it. Also, The bent leg raises are done on hands and knees- 20 each side. after 20 I went right into bent side leg raises which are also on your hands in knees- 20 each side.

No day should go without motivation so here’s a daily dose! I found this quote by Nicole Wilkins on facebook, she is such an inspiration.

Nicole Wilkins Quote


Have a wonderful Monday πŸ™‚



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