Total Body Dumbbell Workout

Happy Monday! This is the last Monday of my Junior Year Fall Semester in College- boy does time fly by. I am definitely ready to have a break from homework and exams for a while though 😀 . This morning I completed another Arms and Legs Dumbbell Workout. The Legs are the same as in my last post, but the arm moves focus on chest and triceps. After completing this workout, which takes about 35-40 minutes, I hopped on the elliptical for a 30 minutes alternating resistance from 8 to 12. What a fantastic way to begin my day and week!

Total Body Dumbbell Workout


So there are 6 sets, and I used 10lb dumbbells. I repeated each set 3 times, resting 45 seconds between repetitions/sets, but with no rest going from the leg to arm moves. I’m beginning to really love dumbbell workouts 🙂 !

This photo I discovered is a great reminder of how to keep ourselves healthy for life:

fitness checklist



Each day is an opportunity to work on ourselves. We can make the small changes we need each day to make our dreams reality.

On that note, enjoy your Monday!


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