Preaching Veggies

I’m feelin’ pretty awesome today because for the past 3 days (after getting sick of Thanksgiving leftovers) my meals have been full of fresh vegetables. From soups to salads to omelets and stir-fries, we can add lots of vegetables into our diets giving us vitamins, fiber, and essential nutrients. I definitely believe that vegetables can be WAY underrated, and that is just SCARY. In my nutrition class today we discussed how so many children don’t even know what a fresh vegetable is. I know I have been to families homes for dinner who strictly eat canned vegetables, and I had a real tough time finishing them 😦 .  (Talk about salty, brown green beans, YUCK). Getting in a rainbow of vegetables each day is crucial to preventing illnesses, cancer, and even just colds. Filling up on natural foods like vegetables helps keep me full, satisfied, healthy and it keeps my body “clean”. They also don’t cause your blood glucose levels to spike and then drop like processed foods and sugary foods do. Sometimes the “nutrition nerd” in me gets overwhelmed by the fact that so many foods that we call “healthy” are filled, and I mean FILLED, with sugar. No wonder why our country tends to be addicted to sweets and why we are constantly struggling with our weight. Can’t sugary, processed foods just be outlawed already?! I once saw a poster that said “Eat More Water” with a picture of a woman eating a big garden salad. It’s true, while vegetables offer important nutrients and antioxidants, they are also full of water which will cleanse the body of harmful toxins. No meal should be made without veggies I tell ya! Is there any better way to be healthy than through munching on crispy, fresh veggies? Nope 🙂 . I totally believe in ditching bread and adding in more salads and steamed veggies to the diet. Making a meal with at least two cups of veggies and 6 oz of lean protein is the perfect combination to stay full, lean and healthy. Well, that’s my veggie preachin’ for the day! Now I’ll share with you how I ate my veggies 😀

This morning I slept straight through my 6am alarm, gasp! I was going to head to spinning class this morning, but woke up after the class had already started 😦 . But it’s allllll goood, because I cooked up some scrambled egg whites with mixed veggies and salsa before heading out the door for a run.

Salsa adds so much flavor to my eggs for almost no calories and I feel like it’s a healthier flavor-enhancer than salt. My 45 minute run was nice and relaxing. It sounds weird but I seriously love cold winter morning runs. The air is so fresh and crisp and I can’t wait to run by snowy pine trees- beautiful. Although in a month and a half I’m sure I’ll be saying “I can’t wait for summer!!!!!” haha.

For lunch today I took a few nice scoops of the big salad I made for this week and topped it with apples, tuna, almonds and balsamic vinegar. This is definitely my favorite salad combination, it has so many flavors and has all of the nutrients you could ever need in one meal!

I am more than ready for a ginormous iced coffee before I pump out some Organic Chem homework (ugh  yay….).

Here’s some motivation for the day:

“The only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do”.

So true! Have a happy Wednesday!


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