Bundle up and Go Running!

This will be the first winter that I will be consistently running outside in 2 years. From 7th grade to 12th grade I was a year round runner- weather didn’t matter, I was always out there. My consistency changed Freshman year in college when I became in love with the Umass Recreation Center and spent my Fall, Winter and Spring working out inside. Then Sophomore year I couldn’t run at all due to achilles tendonitis. Well this year I’m hitting the pavement, bundled in my winter running gear, fearless and ready to attack 😛 ! There’s something so sweet about running through the winter. I enjoy the cold crisp air, snowy scenery, and the empowerment that year-round running brings. Who cares if it’s scorching hot out or a blizzard- each running experience can be unique and uplifting. Getting out there proves that nothing can bring you down!

On that note, my morning began with a sliced red delicious apple and a spoonful of almond butter (love that stuff 😀 ). After sipping on coffee and finishing breakfast, I laced up my Asics and ran under a light snow fall. I was really pumped for my run today because my shins haven’t been giving me any trouble lately, so I ran at a good clip and challenged myself for 35 minutes. The run ended on a decent 1/4 mile incline, although if you told me it was a 1/2 mile hill I’d believe ya 😉 .

Now I’m enjoying a beautiful, warm bowl of my mom’s home-made veggie soup. It has butternut squash, green beans, carrots, potatoes, onions and left over thanksgiving turkey in it. I added a generous couple handfuls of cooked spinach to the soup too add more greens.


So nice to have a comforting home-made soup after coming in from the cold. Thanks Mom!

Here’s a great quote I recently discovered, which has inspired me to not give up on my goals in fitness and at school:

“Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.”

Keep up the good work, never give up and always keep faith in yourself and in others.


Have a cozy Tuesday!


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