Salad Galore!

Good Morning bloggers and readers! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I know I’m ready to burn off all of the pie and stuffing…..ooph. That’s why this morning I began my day with an hour long spinning class. I haven’t done spinning in so long and It kicked my butt! I’m actually working on getting my Spinning Certificate so I may be teaching classes in the future :). Spinning is an amazing workout and I love the fact that any fitness level can participate- it’s your workout. I’m feeling so good after my workout and I’m going to aim to do spinning 3 times a week :D. After working out I went home and prepped a big garden salad for the week. I bought lots of veggies and fruit last night and I’m ready to munch away!

Mmmm… Veggies on veggies on veggies! I’m currently chomping on a bowl of this garden salad with some lean turkey slices and a green apple. I cannot believe December is quickly approaching and in 3 weeks I’ll be home for winter break, wow!

Have a wonderful day, make it as healthy and as great as you can! 🙂



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