Run Eat Study

Happy Thursday! This morning began with a 2 mile run as the sun was rising around 6:15am. I loved the crisp winter air this morning and the frosty ground reminded me that the holiday season is approaching! I’m so excited for family gatherings, cuddling by a toasty fire and decorating the christmas tree :). But let’s be real what I’m most excited for is ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas, I’ve been watching that since I was two years old! On another note, my life lately can be described by three words “Run, Eat, Study”. With exams approaching, papers to write and homework to tackle I am one busy lady. Only two homework assignments, two exams, and one paper to get done until I’m home for “Turkey Day” 😉 .

After my run today I added ground flax seed to a cup of egg whites and scrambled them up on the stove. You can’t even tell there’s flax in them and it helps add nutrients and fiber. Then it was off to my Nutrition class to learn about vitamins. It was really chilly out there on the walk to class and I gladly took the bus back to my apartment after. Now I’m nibbling on a healthy lunch. I heated a bag of Steam Fresh broccoli, rolled up some Apple Gate Smoked Turkey and added a handful of carrots. The turkey is really delicious, it’s also from turkeys not given antibiotics, no nitrates, and gluten free.


I’m definitely going to need a big steamy cup of coffee after this to warm me up and get me focussed to do school work. Here’s my workout motivation for today:


It’s so true, when I don’t workout I’m an old grump! Starting my days with morning workouts puts me in a happy, energized, motivated mood. It definitely makes the day more enjoyable for me and everyone around me 😉 .

Hope your all having a nice Thursday and are getting as PUMPED as I am for the holidays!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? 

I think mine is stuffing and pecan pie… but honestly I definitely love everything.



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