Lunch Time Motivation :)

I found this quote while browsing Pinterest and had to share. Today couldn’t have been off to a better start 🙂 – I had a great run, healthy food, and had a meeting with a Nutritionist from WIC about being a volunteer/intern there. She gave me a few projects to work on, and I’m really looking forward to getting some experience through the company.

For lunch I made buffalo chicken salad with a side of left over green beans and cherry tomatoes. Making it is super simple. I just open a can of lean chicken breast, heat it up for about a minute and top with Frank’s Red Hot Wings sauce (…pretty much addicted to that stuff!).

I was still hungry after topping that off so I curbed my hunger with a NuGo Energy Bar. These bars are less than 200 cals, low fat, high fiber, high protein and allergen-free. That’s like a win-win-win-win-win situation, right?!

Now I’m sippin’ on Starbucks Iced Coffee, because today, surprisingly, doesn’t feel so much like winter. I’m super excited for snow though. For christmas last year, my whole family got snow shoes, but we didn’t even get a chance to use them due to the lack of snow 😦 . Hopefully I’ll be able to put them to great use this winter, crossing my fingers!

I’m going to unwind a little bit until my next class and read some fun fitness magazines I bought. I’ll let ya know if I read anything interesting 😀

Coffee and magazines… these are a few of my favorite things.

No matter how your day is going right now, try to “make it ridiculously amazing” 😉 .


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