Today’s Salad and Pasta Alternative

For lunch today I was craving some tuna, so I put together a spinach salad with albacore tuna, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. I love the taste of tuna with balsamic vinegar and would have squeezed some lemon on top if I had any! Yum Yum Yum 😀 !

After a couple of hours cleaning my apartment and doing homework I was ready for dinner. It seems like every time I sit down to do Organic Chemistry I either need food or a nap! 😉

I cooked up some skinless, lean chicken breast with Mrs. Dash spices on the stovetop. I topped the chicken over steamed green beans and poured spaghetti sauce over it. I also added a dash of Cayenne Pepper to give the dish a little spice. Green beans are just as good as pasta I swear! I’m sure there’s a gluten/soy/dairy free pasta out there, but this is pretty delish for now.

Not too shabby eh? It’s so easy just too cook for myself, I’m used to helping my Mom out cooking for 5 or more! I try to make it simple.

Tonight I am going to PARTY! have loads of Organic Chem to accomplish. But if I get overwhelmed I’m just going to look at the many motivational cards and these little turtles my Dad got me 😀


Love Ya Daddio ❤ !!! 😀

Have a great Thursday night everyone. Tomorrow is another Friday, woot wooooot!


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