Throwback Thursday, High School XC

Morning Everyone! In two weeks I’ll be running 6 miles right now and getting ready for a Turkey Day feast at home πŸ™‚ . This morning I made scrambled egg whites with spinach and a side of clementine- a clean, delicious meal!

The other day I went to my Nutritionist because I’ve been having a lot of skin problems 😦 , and found that I have a gluten, soy and dairy allergy as well as other vegetable oil and chocolate sensitivities. I’ve always been conscious of what foods I put into my body, but I can’t eat typical whole grain breads, yogurts and other packaged foods that might be considered healthy. SO…. now I am practicing allergen-free meals. I’ve researched a lot of gluten, soy, dairy free products online and there is a huge selection which I can find at most health food stores. I was most saddened by the fact that I can’t have chobani anymore, love that stuff! But, thankfully, I found the brand “Amande” online which is a cultured, diary-free, almond milk yogurt. I haven’t bought it yet but I’m going to Whole Foods soon to search for it! I’ll be sure to let you know how it is. Anyway, if anyone has tips about gluten, soy and dairy free eating I would appreciate any advice!

I went for a long run yesterday so for today’s workout I did my yoga video and ran an easy 3 miles after. Flurries were falling and I enjoyed the cool, crisp air. Winter is certainly on its way!

During this time of year in high school, I would be preparing for the Western Mass and States Cross Country Championships. I looked at some old pictures this morning as motivation πŸ™‚ .

The day before the Western Mass XC Championship Race, my team and I would drive to the course, run it and spend the night at a hotel. We always had so much fun! The western mass race was always at Northfield Mountain, and the team would eat at Applebee’s after running the course. The picture to the right is Coach Flynn and I, he was talking to me before the race (I can feel the nerves coming on as I think about this!). The two bottom pictures are just a couple of the hundreds of photos my team took at the hotel. We had just run the Northfield Course the day before the race, and at the hotel we blasted music while we took silly pictures. We must have spent at least an hour doing this, and the album I made on facebook with these pics is called “WmAsS* Biggest Party Ever”- No joke, hahaha ;). My best place in western mass XC was 2nd with a time of 19:54, and in states I placed 19th. It’s nice just to look back at pictures and think about all of the great memories, these pictures always make me smile!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, stay warm and healthy πŸ˜€


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