Yum, Yum, Run, Run

Today began with a strawberry protein bar and a steamy cup of Newman’s Own Bold Coffee 🙂 . I like having protein bars before my morning workouts, because they are a light meal so I don’t have to wait forever to digest them before I workout. I’m not the kind of person who can workout before eating anything at all, I need my coffee and a little something in my stomach!! For today’s workout I ran for 35 minutes and ended my run on a long (try 1/2 mile) hill. I was really happy to even be able to run today, because on my last run my shins were killing me. I’ve felt inflammation in my shins before, but I’ve never had that gradual, painful, burning feeling in that outer muscle of my shins. I had to stop and walk,  I swore a lot and I almost kicked a tree (I laugh now, but during it I was pissed really angry). Having a bad running day = bad mood 😦 . Here are some tips and tricks that I did that allowed me to run today without shin pain:

1. take a day of rest, ice shins as much as possible

2. massage the calf muscle and muscle on the outer part of the shin (I think it’s called the anterior tibialis)

3. change which pair of shoes you use for your next run

4. during your next run focus on form, use your hips to guide your legs as you run

5. don’t be afraid to slow down your run if it feels better

6. run on the grass

When I was reading tips online about shin pain, I read to use your hips when you run. I thought to myself “what the heck does that mean?”. I was unclear as to what “using your hips” would feel and look like. During my next run I was really anticipating that severe shin pain I had, but I put my focus on my stride form and extending the legs from the hips. Just thinking about my stride form changed how and where my foot was landing on the ground, and I didn’t feel that burning sensation in my shins (THANK GOD!!!!). I also ran on the grass at the side of the road when possible, and after my run I iced/massaged my shins and calf muscles.

By 10am I was due for a snack, so I put 3/4 cup chobani in a bowl and topped it with 1 cup of blueberries. This is a picture of the layered blueberry-chobani I made a few days ago, today I didn’t add graham crackers. It was sooooo yummy tho!

Then it was off to class to take my Nutrition midterm, which went pretty well! After class I headed home and heated up some Progresso Light Vegetable soup, and I added a few dashes of cayenne pepper which spices it up. I love spiciness! Finally, my school exams are over for a few weeks and I can breath a little more, maybe fit in a nice nap this afternoon 😉 .

Happy November! Wow these Autumn months are flyin’ by!


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