A Yummy Day

It couldn’t have been better timing to be home this weekend. With the threat of the hurricane my Monday classes were cancelled and I was able to be home for 4 whole days! Although under the circumstances I wish that none of the horrible weather occurred, because I know that many, many people have seen the worst of what Hurricane Sandy did. I hope all of you are reading this post in a safe place and that your families didn’t suffer from this incredible storm.

On a positive note, my weekend was really fun! My parents are in florida on their 25 Anniversary Vacation (lucky!), so my brother and his girlfriend are watching the dogs and housesitting for them. We had a fun weekend, watched movies, prepared for the storm, played with the doggies, and enjoyed some of my parents wine šŸ˜‰ . This is the picture my mom sent me when we were gathering flashlights for the storm and putting in our potted plants so they wouldn’t get destroyed by the weather:

She texted me saying “Let me know when the power goes out! I’m on the beach šŸ˜‰ “. Kinda like an “in your face” message haha! My dad and her were pretty worried about us though and kept checking in to make sure we were safe. And we were!

That’s my brother Justin, his girlfriend Alex and Parker (AKA: Porky). They were all giving each other massages, hehe. Massage Train! Justin played some music for us after dinner as we sipped on red wine. Parker got a little crazy this weekend… he’s always in some sort of weird sleeping position, or making funny howling noises, and just being a plain old goof. Hershey was just chillaxing like the cool guy he is šŸ˜‰ . I love snuggling with them!

Silly Dogs šŸ˜€ . Anyway, today I made some pretty yummy food so I have to share a couple simple meals with you. For breakfast I made a blueberry-graham yogurt cup. I mixed cinnamon in plain, nonfat chobani yogurt, then layered the cup with blueberries, crumble graham cracker and the yogurt. Ahhh so good!

For lunch I made chicken salad with Ceyenne Pepper and Chili Powder spices, then rolled it up in a whole wheat wrap. I cut up celery and grabbed some cherry tomatoes which helped cool my mouth down from the spicy chicken.

My morning snack today was 1/2 cup chopped carrots and 2 tbsp almond slices. And my afternoon snack was light popcorn (about 5 cups) and 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips. Satisfying combinations! I’m not sure what’s for dinner yet, but I have lots of fresh veggies to eat up.

Well, I’m back at school and class is on for the rest of the week. When I left my house this afternoon I kissed my two favorite boys (Hershey and Parker) goodbye!

^^ Loungin’ around šŸ™‚ . Hope you all have a safe, happy, healthy week!


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