Therapy Runs :)

This morning I spread peanut butter and jelly on a whole wheat wrap, and topped it with sliced bananas to make a PBB&J Roll Up.

Parker enjoyed the last bite 😉 . By 9 o’ clock I was out the door running on my favorite back roads at home in the Berkshires. I ran 8 miles and it felt great. I put in my headphones, enjoyed the crisp autumn air, and the calming views. It was such a therapeutic run!

Running on the dirt back-roads is the way to go 🙂 . On my agenda for the rest of the day is to go shopping at Marshalls- I’m in search of some tall black boots! And tonight my plan is to enjoy some dark chocolate and wine with my brother Justin and his girlfriend Alex 😀 .

How good does that look?! Yum!

I might also join in a wrestling match with these two goofballs, or just take pictures from the sidelines.  I place a bet on the brown-furry one.


Have a great Saturday!!


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