When You’re Wide Awake at 5am

This morning I was WIDE AWAKE before 5am. How this happened I’m not sure, maybe because I was so excited to workout 😛 . But this is far too early, first of all it’s pitch dark outside and I refuse to go outside alone in the dark where there are probably monsters coyotes. So I made coffee and a whole grain english muffin with peanut butter, while I browsed Pinterest for new workout discoveries. By 6:15 the sun was just peaking out of the sky, so I decided to run to the gym which is about a mile away. It was still a little too dark for me, but the good part is that the only creature that nearly startled me was a little house cat. When I got to the gym I hopped on the elliptical and completed the “60 minute elliptical workout” above. It was fabulous. I love long runs and elliptical workouts, and I’m currently trying to build up to a 90 minute elliptical workout. There’s no doubt about it, cardio is a drug. My weekly workout plan lately has been:

Monday: 30- 50 min. cardio, Total Body Workout

Tuesday: 60-90 min. cardio, abs and stretch good

Wednesday: 30-50 min. cardio, Total Body workout

Thursday: 60- 90 min. cardio, abs and stretch good

Friday: 30-50 minutes cardio, Total Body Workout

Saturday/Sunday: Active Rest one of the days (do light yoga, hike, walk, etc.), and 60-90 minutes cardio one of the days.

I usually run Monday, Wednesday, Friday as Cardio and either choose the Elliptical, Spinning, or Running Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I’ve always been a distance-lover, and now I’m training for a 10k race on Thanksgiving Day so cardio and strength are key! I always feel stronger during cardio when I do Total Body Workouts more often. Also, I’m planning on running a marathon in May! My goal is to stay healthy and fit this winter, maybe do a couple of races and then my marathon training program starts around January. If anyone has marathon training tips I would love your input. I’ve done two half marathons so far, and I’m super excited to say I’ve run a marathon (and be too tough to kill) . After I saw this quote the other day, I decided I really had to run one:

Happy Thursday! 😀


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