10k Training Plan

It’s been a longggg time since I’ve trained for an event. Last Fall I was training for my 3rd half marathon when I got achilles tendonitis :(. I couldn’t run for months, and I couldn’t even walk for weeks. What a downer! I was thankfully able to use the elliptical and do spinning classes for the most part, which helped keep me sane. Life without the empowering feeling I achieve from fitness is just depressing! So I’m really excited to be back out running this Fall, and to train for the Turkey Trot 10k race back home :D. Today I brainstormed and put together a training plan for me to stick to for the next 5 or so weeks.


This is my family and I (dad’s behind the camera) after the last Turkey Trot Race we ran together in 2009. My younger brother is far left, then my older brother, mom, cousin (and BFF), and me! All of our bib #s went in order from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and I was decked-out in my Prefontaine pinny ;). What a fun day! We all get chocolate turkey’s after the race, and then get to feast during family Thanksgiving dinner.

This is the training plan I put together. I love training for races because it gives me motivation to stick to a plan and get more fit.


The Arms and Ab workout I’ll be doing is:

3 sets of 1 minute reps each:


Bicep Curls

Lateral Raises

Hammer Curl to Overhead Press

Tricep Dips

Tenders (Ab workout you can find in my circuits page)


I made this plan to help me increase my running endurance and stay strong/toned. I always find that core work and arm workouts make me feel stronger when I run. Consistency is key to being fit! The last time I ran the Turkey Trot 10k was right after cross country season so I was in really good shape, I think I ran the race in under 40 minutes. So I wonder how close I’ll get to that this year… !

Today’s Question:

Are you going to run a Turkey Trot/ Thanksgiving Day Race?

What’s your favorite race distance to train for?


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