Weekend Hiking

If there’s one thing I absolutely love on Fall weekends, it’s taking long hikes and making yummy food after! At my hometown, my family will spend the day hiking the trails at “Bear Town”, kayaking in the pond, and enjoying a picnic in the shade. Or we just hike to the top of the mountain that we live on, and come home after for my mom’s homemade chili. I’ve always wanted to go hiking at school, but never have until this weekend. It was so great! I went with my friend Sam, who was my roommate at school Freshman year. It took us forever to get to the trail due to our crazy GPS that didn’t take us the right way, but we finally made it to “Atkins Farm”. The hiking trail is right up the road from this adorable farm store, I just wanted to get into the store for some Cider and Donuts! Sam and I enjoyed catching up with each other on our beautiful hike- it was the perfect day for it. Once we made it to the top (my thighs were burnin’!) we took in the breath-taking view.

 This is Umass from the top of Amherst. See the two white buildings  and tall red library? Crazy!

 At the other side of the view there were endless trees. I just wanted to parachute across them 😉 . Breathtaking.

 Sam and I got so many comments on our matching neon and hot pink shoes. Can’t miss us runnin’ by!

  After we made it back down to the farm, we went inside to get some food. It took me way too long to decide what to get. There were so many different sandwiches, a huge salad bar, endless baked goods, cider…. it was overwhelming! I decided to make a big salad with everything in it. With all of the dishes in front of me, how was I supposed to make a salad that didn’t turn out crazy like this? I filled my dish with romaine lettuce, mixed veggies, mozzarella, tomatoes, veggie pasta salad, feta, olives, hot peppers, hard-boiled eggs, and olive oil vinegar dressing. There might of been a few other things in there, too 😉 !! I also treated myself to one of the farm’s homemade donuts- too good. After scarfing down our food, we headed back to campus to prepare for a fun night at the first Umass Hockey Game. And I finally got a picture with our mascot “Sam the Minute Man”. This must have been the best weekend at school so far 😀 .

Question of today:

Where is your favorite place to hike?

What’s your favorite meal on a Fall weekend?


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