15×4 Workout and Me Being Scatter-Brained

It’s been a crazy busy morning, I can’t even believe everything I’ve already done today before noon! If anyone sees rain and mud splashed all over the back of my pants, please let me know- I forgot my rain boots today 😦 so sad. On a positive note, this morning’s workout was quite the success, and I was able to get home, cleaned up and still leave at 9:30am to get to my 10am class. Woohoo! For today’s workout I wanted to get an hour of cardio in, but I get so bored doing it on one machine and couldn’t choose which to use, so I put together a lil somethin’ to mix it up. It may look a little confusing, basically I used the Cybex Arc Trainer (like an elliptical/stairclimber combined), Elliptical, Treadmill, and Bike for 15 minutes each to make my cardio workout 60 minutes total. The Arc Trainer can be replaced with a stair machine, elliptical or I might replace one of the machines for a Rower to get some arm/core work.

I focussed on endurance and a few surprise intervals, but it wasn’t anything too crazy. I just love 60 minute cardio workouts- endorphins baby! It’s like a drug…. ;). After the gym it was back to my apartment to chug coffee and make my self look presentable (so difficult with this weather lately).

Breakfast was super quick. I went to put coffee creamer in my pumpkin spice coffee and ooph! it smelled horrible, so my coffee went coffee-creamer-less and it was still surprisingly delicious. Protein meal bars are my favorite lately, so I chomped on one of those with my creamer-less coffee for an interesting breakfast…

In my Nutrition Seminar this morning, WIC Nutritionists came in to talk to us about their careers and they both seemed to love their jobs. If you don’t know, WIC is “Women Infant and Children”, a nutrition center for low income families. They showed us meal plans that they give to mothers, children and pregnant women, and they talked about how rewarding their job is. This made me consider applying for a career later on at WIC, and I was so excited since one of the Nutritionists is the one I’ve been trying to get in touch with about volunteer work.  After class I talked to her about coming in a couple times a month to help out with info bulletins and other work she needs help with. I’m excited to see what WIC centers are like, and if I like the Nutrition careers there.

They also gave out these cute magnets, which is great because I’ve been needing to stick something on my empty-faced fridge! I could definitely see myself talking to families about Nutrition all day! That would be a DREAM come true 😀 . Anyway, now I’m snacking on a fat free mocha latte, about to do some Organic Chemistry homework (oh crapola what a pleasure). All I want to eat today is protein bars, lattes and vanilla whey smoothies- I better sneak in some greens somewhere along the way. I hope your day is less scatter-brained than mine!


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